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About Us

Your Trusted Financial Advisors in Central Minnesota

If you’ve lived in the Brainerd Lakes Area for any length of time, you are likely to recognize names and faces from our team. 

Our Primary Purpose

Brian Sedlachek, founder of Central Choice Financial, grew up on a farm near South Long Lake. His family has strong ties throughout Crow Wing County and beyond. Brian is also known for his years working as an industrial engineer for Parker Hannifin, a local manufacturer in Deerwood, Minnesota.

In 2006, Brian decided to make a career change and became certified as a financial advisor. A trusted name goes a long way when starting a new business in the Lakes Area. Brian has continued to build on that trustworthy foundation, establishing himself as a preferred provider for those entering or in the retirement community. Referrals from current clients have helped the company to grow, adding new members from the local area to his team of professionals.

Call the office today to schedule an appointment with Brian or another professional on our team. There is never a charge for our financial assessments.

What We Do 

What We Do 

We always start with a “get to know you” session.

By learning about your current financial situation, your goals for the future, your lifestyle, and your level of risk tolerance, we can offer guidance that is tailored to your specific needs, not just generic statistics based on your age.

The better we know you, the more helpful we can be. We never bill you for our services, so you don’t have to worry about being on the clock.

We Answer Questions About:

Retirement Planning

We can help you understand the different types of retirement accounts available to you, how to transfer funds from one account to another and tax implications. Together, we will help you develop a strategic retirement plan.

Investment Strategy

Everyone wants to see their financial investments grow. Some want them to grow quickly; others are satisfied with a slower growth that has a lower level of risk. The different investment options can be mind boggling. The same is true when it comes to keeping up with market trends. We simplify things for you, by providing only the information that is relevant to your investment goals and strategies.

Medicare Coverage

People are living longer and healthcare costs are continually climbing. Medicare helps, but does not cover all medical expenses. We are always up to date on the changes to Medicare coverage and can help you sort through options for additional coverage. A supplemental plan is one choice, but it isn’t always the best choice.

Insurance Needs

Your finances, investments, and insurance policies act as partners to provide security. That’s the reason we also offer guidance about the different types of insurance policies available. In addition to Medicare Supplemental,  Advantage, and Prescription coverage, we can talk with you about Disability Insurance, Long-Term-Care Insurance, Life Insurance and Group Health Plans.


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